Protecting You With More Value

River City is tremendously proud of the impact that we have made in helping our clients with quality indoor storage for you vehicles for over 10 years. We do not store food trucks and have consistently provided the most value for indoor storage in Sacramento.

The prices have been going up but we are still the best option in the area. We have propane on-site, professional detailing services on-site as well as vehicle maintenance on site for your boat, RV, car or trailer. Nobody else can do this.

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* Length is measure Tip to Tip of Trailer
Also, no food truck storage HERE, that means no smell and oily messes around your vehicle

River City’s 12 year lease at 8301 Belvedere Ave is expiring soon. The building was recently sold to an investment group from Texas. Unfortunately the rental rate with this new company will more than double from our current $74,496 per month to $151,320 per month. While the rental rates we charge are not going to double; they will have a significant increase. Below are the prices currently being charged by our local competition. These prices for River City will be stating September 1, 2022.

Quality Results

Our goal is to create assets from our clients’ innovations through patent, trademark and copyright law.  We take great pride in providing quality trademark legal services and exceptional customer service every single day.


The team at River City is focused on giving your the best customer service and value you can find. With over 15 years experience and 10 at this location, we have the drive and passion to care for your vehicle like it is our vehicle.


Office => (916) 388-9729


8301 Belvedere Ave 100, Sacramento, CA 95826